Monastery & inn

Monastery and inn reopened!

MAY 29th - OCT. 31st | 9.00 - 16.00 hrs.

St. Georgenberg

St. Georgenberg Monastery emerged from a former hermitage, first mentioned in official records in 950.

St. Georgenberg is a place of spiritual power and quiet reflection. The church is always open, where services of worship are regularly celebrated.

The hosts of the St. Georgenberg pilgrimage church restaurant pamper visitors with delicious and traditional dishes from the region under the shade of ancient chestnut trees.

The walk from Stans to St. Georgenberg takes around one and a half hours. You can return via the Way of the Cross over "Weng" or "Maria Tax".


A place of spiritual power ...

... and quiet reflection


Season extended up to November 15th

From October 26th FREE entrance for children!

Use the last beautiful autumn days for an adventurous hike over steps, climbs and rocks along impressive waterfalls to the  monastery St. Georgenberg!

To protect the health of our visitors and our employees, the following rules must be observed ...

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