MAY 1st - OCTOBER 31st

9.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Wolfsklamm Gorge

The Wolfsklamm Gorge impresses nature lovers  with thundering waterfalls, emerald green pools  and a refreshing, rising mist.  Roaring water torrents, the burbling of Stanser Brook and swaying bridges ensure the hike through Tyrol’s most beautiful gorge is a truly memorable experience.  All the more so in summer, as the gorge is  refreshingly cool.

Approximately 350 steps, timber bridges and  galleries carved into the rock lead upwards to the  pilgrimage monastery of St. Georgenberg, the oldest  place of pilgrimage in Tyrol. The hosts of the St. Georgenberg pilgrimage church restaurant pamper visitors with delicious and traditional dishes from  the region in the idyllic beer garden.  The walk from Stans to St. Georgenberg takes around one and a half hours. You can return via the Way of the Cross over „Weng“ or „Maria Tax“. For safety reasons, hiking downhill through the gorge is not permitted.

St. Georgenberg Monastery


A jewel in the Alps

Pearl of the Tyrolean lowlands